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Tuesdays Time Host
The Academic Pub, Vancouver 7:30 PM Bryan Nickel
Wednesdays Time Host
The Five Point Pub, Vancouver 7:00 PM Keagan Brewer
Hi, my name is Keagan. I'm a young student studying medieval history, and hoping to make a career out of it. When I'm not reading old manuscripts and writing books about Mongols, Crusaders, and the weird world of the Middle Ages, I can be found in smoky basements listening to and playing jazz music, or out in the open air bushwalking with friends. I am an avid learner of foreign languages and also a keen traveller, who enjoys immersing himself in the strange and bizarre cultures of countries like Tibet, Uzbekistan and Tasmania. (The photo you see above was taken at the western end of the Great Wall of China, near a town called Jiayuguan, in the middle of winter, a balmy minus twenty degrees celsius or thereabouts). My trivia strengths? History, geography, language, and music.

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